About Sentis : Humans Amplified

Sentis is an open platform providing clean emotions data for developers and for the public.


Emotions carry great knowledge and value. In the structure of language, we found a vast matrix of emotional expressions. We found that the wider the range of emotional expressions, the more intelligent we are. We had found a way forward. Sentis Emotions Network was created.


In the richness of our languages Sentis found the key to measure and share our core emotions. Sentis firmly believes that personal growth, group dynamic and social engagement can all benefit from sharing emotive data.


Sentis Emotions Network collects pinpointed emotion data for a thorough understanding of our subconscious intelligence, motivations, fears and desires. Emotion turned to data provides far reaching perspectives:


+ A human-centric technology to navigate a noisy cyber world

+ A  network where users own their data and privacy, and earn from their input

+ Natural human intelligence augmented by A.I.

+ A tool for individuals and organizations to use emotional intelligence to grow

+ A tool to connect people at a whole new dimension

+ And perhaps a new paradigm for social networking


Sentis data activates:


Intuition: Sentis is a tool to tap into our natural intelligence. Intuition is vitally useful, infinitely scalable and openly free. Intuition bypasses the compartmentalization of information. “Intuition becomes increasingly valuable in the new information society precisely because there is so much data.” – John Naisbitt.


Personal Growth: To compartmentalize, track and analyze your emotion fluctuation over time. To overlap it with your calendar of events and understand how it all relates. To put everything in perspective and plot a course forward. To understand yourself and others, and to be your own best friend.


Group Dynamics: Achieve greater productivity and results by gathering underlining emotional data from your working group. Build business intelligence: Collect feelings before and after important meetings and negotiations. Include emotions survey in post mortem analysis.  Provide your employees, students, family and associates with a channel to express concern in private.


Social Engagement: Tapping good vibes is the most valuable way to use Sentis Emotions Network. To comment on great concerts, clubs, people, products and foods with real and specific emotions instead of emojis. To celebrate and react to dates and special events with an emotional huddle.


Civil Empathy:  Empathy is mindfulness, the highest state of human consciousness. Sentis catalogs feelings about any subject in any language style, providing a platform to evaluate another point of view, and to address problem areas as a community and as a specie.


Marketplace:   Sentis Fair Ratings provides a direct and precise feedback loop about the most valuable in marketing: customer sentiment. Fair ratings provides many forms of B2C interactions in product and service improvement. Fair Ratings is the marketplace for feelings exchange.


We continue our R&D into our hearts and minds to propel humankind forward. Our goal is for Sentis to bring us real interconnectivity : Humans Amplified.



To create a interdisciplinary field of knowledge and exchange. To empower people to learn about themselves and each other, to grow and prosper. To usher humanity toward self-coherence and connectivity. Contact us.



Sentis is a cloud-based machine-learning semantics engine that catalogs any expression of emotion. Sentis expands to all languages and locations. The API provides easy access to rich, accurate and marketable emotions data. Contact us.



Sentis is a angel funded marketing technologies and services company based in SF. Sentis licenses emotions intelligence technology and data to support change and growth for individuals and organizations.   Contact us.