Sentis Emotions Network v.1. Release Notes.

Sentis v.1. Release Notes


This software is still in testing phase. The front end really needs work. But it is collecting and displaying data. So give it a spin and rate something, from the heart. Thank you.


User Guide

=== Input your feeling ===

Go to a post

Click on “Rate it” – Sentis Infinite Button appears.

Chose your sentiment. ( It can be neutral, neutral + or -, positive, negative and various subsets. )

Select intensity from 1-12. 



=== Features ===

Create User, Login, User Photo, Profile, Community, Password Recovery

Registered User creates Expression, Channel, Categories, ‘Sensor’ (dictionaries), Posts

Follow Channel, Topic, User

Expressions are composed of previous expressions in the matrix

Definitions, Antonymous, Synonymous.

Sentis Emotions Chart enabled for reference

Emotion data and Google Heat Map enabled to public.




Sentis v.1.0 MVP